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This is an educational site for middle school students. It is intended to contain information about bones, the skeleton, bone health and other aspects of bone biology. The material will be a resource that can be used by health, biology and science teachers.

Who wrote this site?

Susan Ott, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington. For more details, visit my home page. I also have written an extensive web page about Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology which has won the 2003 Merlot Classics Award. The little skeleton was drawn by David Ehlert, MAMS.



There is no funding. I had applied for a Science-Education-Partnership Award from the NIH but this did not get high enough priority for funding. If any readers have suggestions, send an email!

Privacy issues

This site does not send cookies or try to identify visitors in any way. I am a mother and am very aware of issues of privacy in web sites that are written for kids. I assure you that this site will not invade your privacy. If anyone sends an email message, it will be answered, but the email address will not be given to anybody else. The question might be posted on the "Answers to your questions" section of the web site, but without any identifying information.

ASBMR Bone Curriculum

After writing this site I became a member of the Education Committee for the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, and started working with the committee on a bone curriculum web page. There is some overlap between the sites, but the bone curriculum section is intended for older students.

2000, 2004 by Susan M. Ott, MD