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John Aitchison cell biology, synapse
Niels Andersen protein folding, drug discovery, molecular structure
Chip Asbury cell division, motor protein
Sandra Bajjalieh
David Baker protein folding, protein engineering, protein design, therapeutic proteins, protein-protein interactions, molecular structure
Jesse Bloom viruses, protein engineering, immune system
Phil Bradley molecular recognition, protein structure, DNA
James Bryers immune system, protein adhesion, biofilms
Matt Bush protein-protein interactions, protein dynamics, bioanalytical, molecular structure
Steve Carlson synapse formation
William Catterall
Champak Chatterjee protein engineering, signal transduction, protein chemistry, molecular and cellular biochemistry
Dan Chiu molecular probes, signal transduction, bioanalytical
John Clark differentiation
Valerie Daggett protein folding, protein dynamics, enzymes
Adrienne Fairhall computational neuroscience
Erkang Fan drug design
Douglas Fowler DNA, enzymes
Mike Gelb drug design, enzymes, proteomics, molecular and cellular biochemistry, molecular probes, membrane biology, bioanalytical, protein engineering, signal transduction
Sharona Gordon ion channels, signal transduction
Jens Gundlach ion channels, DNA
Steven Hahn gene regulation, molecular and cellular biochemistry
Bertil Hille ion channels, receptors
Wim Hol drug design, molecular structure
Sarah Keller membrane biology
Eric Klavins
Rachel Klevit protein-protein interactions, molecular and cellular biochemistry, molecular structure
Patrick Koelsch surface science, non-linear optics, biofilms, protein adhesion
Justin Kollman
Kelly Lee viruses
Lutz Maibaum membrane biology, molecular dynamics, protein dynamics
Dustin Maly signal transduction, enzymes, drug design, molecular and cellular biochemistry, protein-protein interactions, protein engineering, proteomics
Ethan Merritt drug design, molecular structure, protein-protein interactions
Alex Merz membrane biology, molecular and cellular biochemistry
Joseph Mougous
Abhinav Nath drug design, enzymes
Shao-En Ong proteomics, cell signaling, transcription regulation
Mike Regnier muscle, motor protein
Fred Rieke signal transduction
Herb Sauro
Georg Seelig
Julian Simon drug discovery
Pat Stayton molecular recognition, drug design, drug delivery, protein engineering
Ron Stenkamp molecular structure
Barry Stoddard drug design, molecular structure, enzymes
Stefan Stoll protein structure, protein dynamics, protein-protein interactions, enzymes
Roland Strong immune system, molecular structure, molecular and cellular biochemistry
Wendy Thomas protein adhesion, protein structure
Gabriele Varani drug design, protein-nucleic acid interactions
Joshua Vaughan molecular probes, cell biology, membrane biology
David Veesler
Christophe Verlinde drug design
Liguo Wang membrane proteins, protein structure
Paul Wiggins chromosome, DNA
Linda Wordeman cell division, chromosome, molecular motors
Wenqing Xu signal transduction
Libin Xu
Wenqing Xu drug design
William Zagotta ion channels, protein structure
Jesse Zalatan cell signaling, enzymology, biochemical reaction networks, synthetic biology
Ning Zheng protein structure, ubiquitin



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