Liangcai Gu


Assistant Professor
Institute for Protein Design
(206) 221-7730


We use quantitative protein interaction profiling to understand molecular recognition and guide computational protein design. We couple ‘protein barcoding’ techniques—e.g., molecular attachment of proteins to barcoding DNAs, phage or cell-based protein displays and barcoded antibody-dependent detection—to massively parallel in situ DNA sequencing to quantitate protein interactions at a single-molecule or single-cell level. We recently developed a single-molecular-interaction sequencing (SMI-seq) technology for ‘library-by-library’ or ‘all-by-all’ molecular interaction profiling. Our research interests include human molecular interactomes and their variations under physiological and pathological conditions, engineering and design of synthetic proteins of new functions for medical and energy needs, and analyzing and guiding humoral and cellular immune responses to treat diseases.

Taking students: Yes
Available for Rotations: Autumn, Winter, Spring

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