Joshua Vaughan

jvaughanAssistant Professor
(206) 543-4644
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Research Interests

The Vaughan lab is an interdisciplinary research group focused on the development of new chemical probes and optical instruments for biological imaging. We also use these new tools, along with established approaches, to study how macroscopic order emerges from molecular building blocks in biological systems. Group members gain experience in advanced bioimaging techniques, spectroscopy, synthesis, and instrumentation, and will apply many of these in innovative biological studies.

A key technology of the group is super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, which uses photoswitchable fluorophores to determine the distributions of biomolecules in cells at a resolution of 25 nm or better and is a major improvement over the traditional ~250 nm resolution of conventional fluorescence imaging.

Taking students: Yes
Available for Rotations: Autumn, Winter, Spring

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