BRAINS Symposium

Broadening Representation of Academic Investigators in NeuroScience
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The BRAINS logo, based on the two halves of a brain, one half is orange and the other half is blue with arrows point in all directions to represent diversity BRAINS acronym

BRAINS Advisory Boards

Overview of BRAINS Advisory Boards

Two groups help guide the overall program direction:

  • BRAINS Program Team: The Program Team includes the BRAINS Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigators, and other program staff who manage the program's overall direction and facilitate its day-to-day operations.
  • BRAINS National Advisory Board: The BRAINS National Advisory Board includes 11 individuals who have a wide range of expertise ranging from neuroscience faculty to programmatic and diversity in science and engineering experts to faculty of color experts. Members have a history of supporting and advocating for diversity, offering perspectives on challenges of transitioning from postdoctoral scholars to independent academic faculty, and have varied stories of career success. The National Advisory Board provides guidance to the BRAINS program in areas such as participant recruitment, Symposium topics and panelists, relevant social science research, program evaluation outcomes.

Last updated November 8, 2016

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