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BRAINS Career Development Awards

Description of BRAINS Career Development Awards
Applications for this award are now closed. Thank you for your interest.


BRAINS is pleased to offer Career Development Awards to advance the scientific and professional development of its early career participants.

The BRAINS Career Development Awards are grants of up to $2,000 to support your neuroscience career. Participants will pay for expenses out-of-pocket and be reimbursed by BRAINS. Funding must be used within two years of receiving an award and may be requested and used in multiple installments.


To be considered for an award, candidates must be current BRAINS participants and have attended one BRAINS symposium. In addition, award proposals must fall into one (or more) of four categories:

  1. Conference Participation - Attendance at a scientific conference to present research findings or participation in a professional development workshop with a scientific emphasis.
  2. Research Support - Visit a lab group in order to learn a new technique or analytical approach that will advance the candidate's scientific agenda; participate in a training workshop about new methods or new equipment that will expand the candidate's research.
  3. Research Collaboration - Visit a lab group or invite a speaker to your home institution to initiate a research collaboration.
  4. Professional Development - Participate in a professional development program or service that will support the candidate's scientific career.

Please note that funds may not be used for equipment, international travel, or activities normally funded by the candidate's home institution. Activities must also be clearly tied to advancing the participant's neuroscience career.

How to Apply

Applications for this award are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Candidates should prepare the following items and then cut and paste them into this online form: If you are unable to access the form, you can submit your responses via email to

  1. Contact information: Your first and last name and your email address.
  2. Proposal: Brief description of proposed project, including purpose, plan, timeline, and alignment with professional neuroscience goal(s). In other words, this statement should describe how the activity will expand and continue development of your scientific and peer networks or target particular skills and resources that will impact your career. This paragraph should state what the outcome will be of this activity and, when appropriate, what need this activity addresses for your career development. Please also tie your requested activity to your neuroscience interests and/or career.
  3. Budget: Detailed budget and brief budget justification.
  4. Reimbursement: Mailing address to which a reimbursement should be sent if the award is granted.

Applications will be accepted and considered by the BRAINS program team as they are received. Candidates will be informed of award decisions within one month of submission. Please note that all applications must be received by Friday, April 1, 2016 and all payment/reimbursement requests must be received by Thursday, June 30, 2016. Payment for any payment/reimbursement requests submitted after June 30, 2016 will not be fulfilled.


If you have questions about whether the opportunity you have in mind qualifies, feel free to contact the BRAINS team to discuss your idea before submitting an application. Contact the BRAINS team at or (206) 543-4215.

Last updated July 16, 2015

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