BRAINS Symposium

Broadening Representation of Academic Investigators in NeuroScience
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The BRAINS logo, based on the two halves of a brain, one half is orange and the other half is blue with arrows point in all directions to represent diversity BRAINS acronym

BRAINS Evaluation Team

Introduction to the BRAINS Evaluation Team

The Center for Evaluation and Research for STEM Equity (CERSE) at the University of Washington serves as the evaluator for this project. CERSE has served as assessment consultants on a number of related National Science Foundation ADVANCE grant-funded projects including the UW ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant, LEAD, WEBS, and On-Ramps into Academia as well as the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences ADVANCE grant. CERSE has also evaluated numerous NSF-funded projects related to science and engineering diversity. For more information about The Center for Evaluation and Research for STEM Equity, please visit their website at

Last updated November 8, 2016

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