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Broadening Representation of Academic Investigators in NeuroScience
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Mentoring Circles FAQS

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Thank you for visiting the Mentoring Circles frequently asked questions page. Please see topics and questions below. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please e-mail us at


  • All BRAINS symposium participants will be part of facilitated peer-Mentoring Circles following the BRAINS Symposium. Each Mentoring Circle (MC) will be made of eight to ten participants and one member of the BRAINS team. MCs will meet regularly by conference call, and membership for each MC will be determined by the BRAINS team based on availability and participant preferences. The BRAINS facilitator will gradually decrease her role to help transition the MC to a self-sustaining peer group.


  • The goal of the MC is to extend and foster an individual's peer mentoring and networking experience. MCs will focus on how to incorporate skills, strategies and practices introduced at the BRAINS Symposium into everyday life. MCs will serve as safe and resourceful forums in which to explore issues and challenges, to gain perspective and to get feedback on how to move forward from a trusted set of "fresh" eyes. Peers will serve as sounding boards, listeners and joint problem solvers.
  • BRAINS MCs will be structured based on the success of the peer mentoring group described in the book "Every Other Thursday." During calls, participants will take on roles to help facilitate the meetings, and meetings will follow a regular format including time focused on each participant's work, personal goal setting and discussions of common themes and experiences. We will use a password-protected blog to share resources and experiences across the Mentoring Circle groups.



  • MC meetings will be conducted using conference telephone lines. For call-in instructions, visit the private mentoring circles blog here.



  • MC conference calls will take place every two weeks for two to three hours at a regular, group-determined time.


What else do you need to know?

  • Much of the success of peer mentoring stems from mutual respect and trust. To maintain trust and confidentiality, each participant and facilitator must sign a non-disclosure form before leaving the BRAINS Symposium.



Last updated July 16, 2015

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