BRAINS Symposium

Broadening Representation of Academic Investigators in NeuroScience
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The BRAINS logo, based on the two halves of a brain, one half is orange and the other half is blue with arrows point in all directions to represent diversity BRAINS acronym


BRAINS resources page including announcements and FAQ

Please get in touch with the BRAINS program if you would like to learn more about related resources. You may contact us at This page will be updated with resources on a regular basis, so please check back for more information.

BRAINS Binder Resources Links to online articles from the symposium binder.

Frequently Asked Questions Questions and answers posted on a frequent basis regarding all aspects of the BRAINS program, including topics such as eligibility, Syposium logistics, grant funding, and more.

Announcements Updates posted regularly about the BRAINS program, including application deadlines.

Photos: Three photos of BRAINS participants talking around a table

Last updated October 24, 2016

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