BRAINS Symposium

Broadening Representation of Academic Investigators in NeuroScience
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The BRAINS logo, based on the two halves of a brain, one half is orange and the other half is blue with arrows point in all directions to represent diversity BRAINS acronym


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As an integral component of the overall BRAINS program, participants will be invited to attend a four-day symposium at IslandWood Conference Center on beautiful Bainbridge Island. Away from everyday distractions, participants will engage with a variety of professionals from the neuroscience fields, including a cohort of 24-28 peers and 12-15 senior scientists. In addition, several experienced professionals will host an array of workshops designed to meet the unique needs of underrepresented, early-career scientists in neuroscience-related fields. For a list of confirmed panelists and facilitors, please click here. These Symposium activities will lay the foundation for deeper and ongoing support through the two-year BRAINS program, including the Mentoring Circles and Continuous Career Invention components.

The most recent BRAINS Symposium occurred in September 2014. The next Symposium date is yet to be determined. The BRAINS Program Team is currently applying for renewal funding to support additional BRAINS Symposia.

Highlights of the symposium include the following:

  • Engagement with a cohort of 24-28 peers in neuroscience-related fields: Each symposium includes a cohort of 24-28 early-careerscientists. Participants will be surrounded by other underrepresented peer scientists who have invested in their neuroscience careers.
  • Mentorship and networking with senior scientists: Each symposium will include a group of 12-15 senior scientists to offer both formal and informal opportunities for mentorship and networking, including diverse perspectives on developing successful scientific careers. For a list of confirmed panelists and facilitators, please click here.
  • Professional development workshop sessions: Numerous workshops and panels that center around early academic career development, including topics such as teaching, proposal writing and funding, mentoring, and tenure proposals.
Photos of the Islandwood retreat center in a woodsy setting, showing the grounds and local wildlife.


Last updated July 16, 2015

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