Q       When will Certification and Accreditation be available?

A        We are still in the working stages of getting Certification and Accreditation available to those who want to be certified and accredited in DBT. We will be posting updates periodically indicating our progress.

Q       What do I need to do before I can get certified in DBT?

A        Before you can get certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, you must be knowledgeable in DBT. Review all information on DBT, a study guide with those materials can be found on this site.

Q       I was trained through Behavioral Tech’s 10-day DBT training program.  Will I still be certified to do DBT through BehavioralTech?

A        Behavioral Tech has not been directly involved with DBT Certification or Accreditation. The Certification of DBT therapists and Accreditation of DBT programs was launched through the University of Washington (academic “home” of Marsha Linehan, DBT treatment developer) and is now being prepared for hand-off to the International Society for the Improvement and Teaching of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (ISITDBT) to administer and oversee as the best fitting professional society for DBT. With that said, Behavioral Tech has been a huge fan of our push to get this developed and out there. And, just to make it all somewhat more confusing, a lot of the same players are involved in both (i.e., Kathryn Korslund is a trainer for Behavioral Tech and the Co-Chair for this certification effort along with Marsha). The other confusing piece is that Behavioral Tech provides certificates of training at the completion of trainings (which often get confused as being synonymous with or part of certification).

Q       Will this new certification be mandatory to practice DBT? 

A        Mandates, if they develop, will likely spring up from industry (e.g., insurance panels, state agencies, institutions). As of now, we are not aware of any entity that has plans to mandate DBT Certification, though several are structuring reimbursement rates at higher levels for those who become certified.

Q       How much will it cost? 

A        At this point, costs to apply for certification and/or accreditation then to maintain the credential is unknown. This will become clearer as the program further develops. The goal is to have a self-sustaining budget as opposed to a profit driven budget but there remain many unknowns. We are expecting that it will be “a few hundred dollars” to start.

Q       What qualifies as mindfulness practice?

A        Studying mindfulness is certainly important. The goal here is to do more than pay lip service to the idea of mindfulness as a theoretical concept; rather, it is to set aside purposeful time for mindful activity and apply it in your life.  Any “examiner” would be looking for your real life application of mindfulness in your life. Daily, applied, perhaps even observing the flames in the fireplace intentionally; or watching the snow fall intentionally.  I think once we become truly mindful it is difficult NOT to be a regular practitioner.

Q       The process to become certified seems very intense and time consuming. Is there a series of trainings that are offered to become certified in DBT?

A        No, because DBT Therapist Certification requires measuring someone’s demonstration of their knowledge of core principles and skills via exam and work sample, there is no course that, by virtue of attending, one could earn certification. For example, pre-requisites such as having a supervised case or submitting a work sample for review could not be accomplished in the matter of attending a week-long course.

Q       Can I be Certified without a DBT team or consultation group?

A        No, at the time of seeking Certification, the individual DBT therapist must be actively participating on a DBT team.

Q       Can a program be Accredited without a DBT team or consultation group?

A       No, a DBT program must contain at least one DBT team.

Q       What video format will be needed to submit session tapes?

A       Because systems and system restrictions may vary between sites, video format will be determined once the coding assignment is made.


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