248th American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting


The Bush Lab and collaborators will present the following talks at the 248th American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting, which will be held in San Francisco (August 10-14):

  • Droplet sizes, electrospray currents, and nonspecific aggregation in electrokinetically controlled native nanoelectrospray ionization. Kimberly L Davidson, Derek Oberreit, Christopher J Hogan, Matthew F Bush. (Sunday at 3:10 PM in Moscone Center, North Bldg. Room: 130)
  • Native electrospray ionization: From initial droplets to final ions. Matthew F. Bush (Monday at 3:20 PM in Moscone Center, North Bldg. Room: 125)
  • Determining masses, separating mixtures, and probing structures of native-like ions using selected cation to anion proton transfer (SCAPT) reactions. Matthew F. Bush, Kenneth J. Laszlo. (Wednesday at 3:30 PM in Moscone Center, North Bldg. Room: 125)

Prof. Bush is also organizing the Advances in Ionization Techniques and Mechanisms Symposium, which will be held on Monday in Moscone Center, North Bldg. Room: 125. Prof. Bush thanks the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry, Agilent, Bruker, Sutter InstrumentThermo Scientific, and Waters for the generous sponsorship that made this symposium possible. (Symposium Program | 405 kB)

  • Introductory Remarks (8:30)
  • Development of Multi-Stage Reactive Transmission Mode Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Characterizing Multicatalytic Reactions. Richard H. Perry, Kevin C. Peters, Kevin E. Parker, Troy J. Comi (8:35)
  • Development of Solvent-Free Ambient Mass Spectrometry for Green Chemistry ApplicationsHao Chen, Pengyuan Liu, Amanda Forni. (9:05)
  • Ambient ionization mass spectrometric imaging with high spatiotemporal resolutionRichard N. Zare, Jae Kyoo Lee, Hong Gil Nam (9:35)
  • Intermission (10:05)
  • Development of a surface acoustic wave nebulization source for mass spectrometryDavid Goodlett, Tao Liang, Scott R Heron, Shivangi Awasthi, Sung H Yoon, Yue Huang, Michael Wilson, David P A Kilgour. (10:05)
  • Magic Matrices for Ionization in Mass Spectrometry. Sarah Trimpin. (10:55)
  • Low zeptomole detection limits with capillary electrophoresis coupled to an improved nanosprayNorman J. Dovichi, Liangliang Sun, Guijie Zhu (11:25)
  • Break for Lunch (11:55)
  • Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Electrospray Ionization (MALDESI): From Fundamentals to Tissue and Chemical Imaging. David C. Muddiman. (1:30)
  • Matrix-free, ambient pressure mass spectrometry via ultra-intense laser vaporization. Robert J. Levis. (2:00)
  • Molecular modeling of the ejection mechanisms of macromolecules from charged nanodroplets. Styliani Consta. (2:30)
  • Intermission. (3:00)
  • Native Electrospray Ionization: From Initial Droplets to Final Ions. Matthew F. Bush. (3:20)
  • Charges in protein electrospray ionization: Like or opposite? Rachel R. Ogorzalek Loo, Joseph A. Loo. (3:50)
  • Supercharging, Fast Mixing and Charge Detection in Mass Spectrometry. Evan R. Williams. (4:20)

Kim Davidson is also co-organizing the Graduate Student Symposium on International Collaborations with International Impact: Chemistry for Global Change, which will be held on Tuesday in the Esplanade Ballroom 304 in the south building of the Moscone Center.

We look forward to seeing everyone in San Francisco!