Bush Lab at ASMS


The Bush Lab and collaborators will present the following talks and posters at American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD (June 15-19):

  • Determining Masses, Separating Mixtures, and Probing Structures of Native-Like Ions Using Selected Cation to Anion Proton Transfer (SCAPT) Reactions. Laszlo, K. J.; Bush, M. F.  (MOD 9:30-9:50)
  • Supercharging of Native Protein Complexes: Effects of Polarity and Evidence for Multiple Mechanisms. Allen, S. J.; Stachl, C. N.; Bush, M. F. (MOC 3:30-3:50)
  • Supercharging of Native-Like Proteins and Protein Complexes: Effects of m-Nitrobenzyl Alcohol versus Sulfolane. Stachl, C. N.; Allen, S. J.; Bush, M. F. (WP669)
  • Probing Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interactions by Native Mass Spectrometry and Global Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange using Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization (SAWN). Monkkonen, L.; Heron, S.; Bush, M. F.; Catalano, C. E.; Goodlett, D. R. (ThP93)
  • Additional Models of a Mammalian Cryptochrome – E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Complex Restrained by Results from Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry. Marionni, S. T.; Xing, W.; Zheng, N.; Bush, M. F. (ThP470)
  • Droplet sizes, electrospray currents, and nonspecific aggregation in electrokinetically controlled native nanoelectrospray ionization. Davidson, K. L.; Oberreit, D. R.; Hogan, C. J.; Bush, M. F. (ThOC 4:10-4:30)

Matt Bush and Erin Baker (PNNL) are also organizing the “Applying Ion Mobility to Biological Problems Workshop”, which is organized by the Ion Mobility MS Interest Group. The workshop will be held on Monday from 5:45-7:00 pm in Rooms 314-317. Click here for more details.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore!

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