Bush Lab at ASMS

asms_vancouverThe Bush Lab and collaborators are presenting the following posters at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual meeting in Vancouver. Abstracts may be found by searching at for “Bush” using the conference planner.

  • Samuel J. Allen; Samuel T. Marionni; Kevin Giles; Tony Gilbert; Matthew F. Bush. Design and Characterization of a New Ion Mobility Cell for Protein Complexes (Monday, Poster 634)
  • Samuel T. Marionni; Weiman Xing; Ning Zheng; Matthew F. Bush. Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry of a Circadian Clock Protein Complex Reveals a Ligand-Dependent Conformational Switch (Wednesday, Poster 244)
  • Lucas Monkkonen; Yue Huang; Sung Hwan Yoon; John Edgar; Eri Nakatani; Carlos E. Catalano; Matthew F. Bush; David R. Goodlett. Native Mass Spectrometry of Noncovalent Protein Complexes by Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization (Tuesday, Poster 261)

Matt Bush and Brandon Ruotolo will also co-chair the Ion Mobility MS Workshop on Applying Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry to Challenges in Proteomics and Systems Biology (Wednesday, 5:45-7:00, Room 220-222).

  • Utilizing IMS-MS Separations in Proteomic Studies Erin Baker (Pacific Northwest National Labs)
  • Strategies and Challenges in Dynamic Systems Biology Analysis Using Structural Mass Spectrometry Jeffrey R. Enders, Christina C. Marasco, Kevin T. Seale, John P. Wikswo, John A. McLean (Vanderbilt University)
  • Realization of the Promise of IM-MS in Differential Expression Proteomics Erik J. Soderblom, J. Will Thompson, Matt W. Foster, Meredith E. Turner, M. Arthur Moseley (Duke University)
  • Quantitative IM-MS^E Proteomics Brent Martin (University of Michigan)

We look forward to seeing everyone in Vancouver!

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