Bush Lab at the 2013 Cascadia Proteomics Symposium

Cascadia Proteomics Symposium

The Bush Lab and collaborators are presenting the following talks at the Cascadia Proteomics Symposium, which takes place at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle from July 15-16.

  • Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry of Native Protein Complex Anions Samuel J. Allen, Alicia M. Schwartz, Matthew F. Bush (Tuesday @ 10:15 AM)
  • Selected Cation to Anion Proton Transfer Kenneth J. Laszlo, Matthew F. Bush (Tuesday @ 10:50 AM)
  • Assembly of the Type II Secretion ATPase Probed by Native Mass Spectrometry Samuel T. Marionni, Connie Lu, Stewart Turley, Young-Jun Park, Kelly Lee, Marcella Patrick, Ripal Shah, Maria Sandkvist, Wim G.J. Hol, Matthew F. Bush (Tuesday @ 1:00 PM)
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