Emily Pruitt


Emily Pruitt graduated from Wingate University in 2018 with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. During her time there, she performed research with Dr. Krista Wilson on opioid peptide cyclization through the Sonogashira reaction and completed her honors thesis with Dr. Samir Kuzi and Mr. Todd Griffin on developing UPLC-MS/MS methods for the detection of mycotoxins in dietary supplements. Emily also participated in an REU program at the University of Tennessee where she utilized surface-enhanced spatially offset Raman spectroscopy for the detection of neurotransmitters through the skull under the direction of Dr. Bhavya Sharma. Emily joined the Bush Lab in Autumn 2019 and works on ion mobility enabled lipidomics. She also collaborates with Dr. Libin Xu in Medicinal Chemistry on the mechanism of utilization of exogenous lipids by bacteria.