Group Meetings

Our weekly meetings are held on Thursdays at 9 AM in CHL 068B. For literature meetings, see instructions below.

Upcoming Meetings

12/4/14   Sam Marionni’s Research
11/27/14   Thanksgiving
11/13/14  Kim Davidson’s Research
11/6/14   ASMS Fall Workshop
10/30/14   Sam Allen’s Research
10/23/14   Calculating Collision Cross Sections (Matt Bush and Sam Marionni)
10/16/14   Myung Cha’s Research
10/9/14   Robotically Assisted Titration Coupled to Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Reveals the Interface Structures and Analysis Parameters Critical for Multiprotein Topology Mapping
10/2/14   Tracy Stanzel’s Research
9/25/14   Solvent vapor effects on planar high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
9/18/14   Ken Laszlo’s Research
9/9/14    Tandem Mass Spectrometry in an Electrostatic Linear Ion Trap Modified for Surface-Induced Dissociation
9/2/14   A Hydrodynamic Comparison of Solution and Gas-Phase Proteins and Their Complexes

Instructions for Literature Meetings

Prior to literature meetings, all attendees should read the article and outline responses to the following points that will be discussed:

  1. What were the results?
  2. What did the authors conclude from those results? What hypothesis were the authors testing?
  3. What results were used to justify each conclusion? Are there any alternative interpretations of the results?
  4. How does this work relate to projects in our lab? Can we apply this work to future projects?
  5. Other questions?

Past Meetings

8/26/14   Sam Marionni’s Research
8/19/14 No Meeting
8/12/14   On the Formation of Highly Charged Gaseous Ions from Unfolded Proteins by Electrospray Ionization
8/5/14   Kim Davidson’s Research
7/29/14   Ken Laszlo’s Research
7/22/14   Sam Allen’s Research
7/15/14   Chrissy Stachl’s Research
7/18/14   Myung Cha’s Research
7/1/14   Tracy Stanzel’s Research
6/12/14 ASMS Planning
6/5/14   Ken Laszlo’s ASMS Practice Talk
5/29/14   Sam Allen ASMS Practice Talk
5/22/14   Kim Davidson’s Research
5/15/14   Sam Marionni’s Research
5/8/14   From Protein Complexes to Subunit Backbone Fragments: A Multi-stage Approach to Native Mass Spectrometry
5/1/14   Effects of metal ion adduction on the gas-phase conformations of protein ions
4/24/14   Sam Allen’s Research
4/17/14   Ken Laszlo’s Research
4/10/14   Mass spectrometry reveals synergistic effects of nucleotides, lipids, and drugs binding to a multidrug resistance efflux pump
4/3/14   Electrothermal Supercharging in Mass Spectrometry and Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Native Proteins
3/26/14   ETD Allows for Native Surface Mapping of a 150 kDa Noncovalent Complex on a Commercial Q-TWIMS-TOF Instrument
3/5/14   Research   Sam Marionni
2/26/14   Second-Year Exam Practice   Tracy Stanzel
2/19/14   Ion Mobility Spectrometry Reveals the Mechanism of Amyloid Formation of Aβ(25–35) and Its Modulation by Inhibitors at the Molecular Level: Epigallocatechin Gallate and Scyllo-inositol
2/12/14   Research   Sam Allen
2/5/14   Ion Trapping for Ion Mobility Spectrometry Measurements in a Cyclical Drift Tube
1/29/14   Determination of Protein–Ligand Binding Constants of a Cooperatively Regulated Tetrameric Enzyme Using Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
1/22/14   Second-Year Exam Practice   Ken Laszlo
1/15/14   Second-Year Exam Practice   Kim Davidson
1/8/14   Discussion   Mass Spectrometer Settings
12/12/13   Discussion Figures of Merit in Native Mass Spectrometry
12/5/13   Ion mobility-mass spectrometry of phosphorylase B ions generated with supercharging reagents but in charge-reducing buffer
11/21/13   Effects of ion/ion proton transfer reactions on conformation of gas-phase cytochrome c ions
11/14/13 Research Sam Marionni
11/7/13 Impact of Charge State on Gas-Phase Behaviors of Noncovalent Protein Complexes in Collision Induced Dissociation and Surface Induced Dissociation
10/31/13 An Experimental Study of the Solvent-Dependent Self-Assembly/Disassembly and Conformer Preferences of Gramicidin A
10/24/13 Research Ken Laszlo
10/17/13 Electrostatic spraying of liquids in cone-jet mode
10/10/13 Research Kim Davidson
10/3/13 Activation State-Selective Kinase Inhibitor Assay Based on Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
9/26/13 Research Sam Allen
9/19/13 The Role of Salt Bridges, Charge Density, and Subunit Flexibility in Determining Disassembly Routes of Protein Complexes
9/12/13 Research Tracy Stanzel
9/5/13 Research Sam Marionni
8/15/13 Native Electrospray and Electron-Capture Dissociation FTICR Mass Spectrometry for Top-Down Studies of Protein Assemblies

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