Group Meetings

Our weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM in CHL 068B.

Upcoming Meetings

Autumn 2015
  • 12/1: Sam A. – CANCELLED
  • 11/24: Kim
  • 11/17: Ken
  • 11/10: Rae
  • 11/3: Sam A.
  • 10/27: Rae, Ken, and Matt: Asilomoar Conference Recap
  • 10/20: No group meeting (Asilomar Conference)
  • 10/13: Sam M. (defense practice)
  • 10/6: Kim
  • 9/29: No group meeting (Conflict with PACMASS)
  • 9:22: No group meeting (Matt at Biochemistry Retreat)
  • 9/15: Ken
  • 9/8: Rae
  • 9/1: Matt (Ion temperatures)




Past Meetings

3/31/15: Rae Eaton
3/17/15: Sam Marionni
3/3/15: Kim Davidson
2/17/15: Myung Cha
2/3/15: Tracy Stanzel
1/20/15: Sam Allen
1/6/15: Ken Laszlo

12/3/14   Sam Marionni’s Research
11/26/14   Thanksgiving
11/19/14  Calculating Collision Cross Sections (Matt Bush and Sam Marionni)
11/12/14  Kim Davidson’s Research
11/5/14   ASMS Fall Workshop
10/29/14   Sam Allen’s Research
10/22/14   Tracy Stanzel’s Research
10/15/14   Myung Cha’s Research
10/8/14   Robotically Assisted Titration Coupled to Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Reveals the Interface Structures and Analysis Parameters Critical for Multiprotein Topology Mapping
9/25/14   Solvent vapor effects on planar high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
9/18/14   Ken Laszlo’s Research
9/9/14    Tandem Mass Spectrometry in an Electrostatic Linear Ion Trap Modified for Surface-Induced Dissociation
9/2/14   A Hydrodynamic Comparison of Solution and Gas-Phase Proteins and Their Complexes
8/26/14   Sam Marionni’s Research
8/19/14 No Meeting
8/12/14   On the Formation of Highly Charged Gaseous Ions from Unfolded Proteins by Electrospray Ionization
8/5/14   Kim Davidson’s Research
7/29/14   Ken Laszlo’s Research
7/22/14   Sam Allen’s Research
7/15/14   Chrissy Stachl’s Research
7/18/14   Myung Cha’s Research
7/1/14   Tracy Stanzel’s Research
6/12/14 ASMS Planning
6/5/14   Ken Laszlo’s ASMS Practice Talk
5/29/14   Sam Allen ASMS Practice Talk
5/22/14   Kim Davidson’s Research
5/15/14   Sam Marionni’s Research
5/8/14   From Protein Complexes to Subunit Backbone Fragments: A Multi-stage Approach to Native Mass Spectrometry
5/1/14   Effects of metal ion adduction on the gas-phase conformations of protein ions
4/24/14   Sam Allen’s Research
4/17/14   Ken Laszlo’s Research
4/10/14   Mass spectrometry reveals synergistic effects of nucleotides, lipids, and drugs binding to a multidrug resistance efflux pump
4/3/14   Electrothermal Supercharging in Mass Spectrometry and Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Native Proteins
3/26/14   ETD Allows for Native Surface Mapping of a 150 kDa Noncovalent Complex on a Commercial Q-TWIMS-TOF Instrument
3/5/14   Research   Sam Marionni
2/26/14   Second-Year Exam Practice   Tracy Stanzel
2/19/14   Ion Mobility Spectrometry Reveals the Mechanism of Amyloid Formation of Aβ(25–35) and Its Modulation by Inhibitors at the Molecular Level: Epigallocatechin Gallate and Scyllo-inositol
2/12/14   Research   Sam Allen
2/5/14   Ion Trapping for Ion Mobility Spectrometry Measurements in a Cyclical Drift Tube
1/29/14   Determination of Protein–Ligand Binding Constants of a Cooperatively Regulated Tetrameric Enzyme Using Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
1/22/14   Second-Year Exam Practice   Ken Laszlo
1/15/14   Second-Year Exam Practice   Kim Davidson
1/8/14   Discussion   Mass Spectrometer Settings
12/12/13   Discussion Figures of Merit in Native Mass Spectrometry
12/5/13   Ion mobility-mass spectrometry of phosphorylase B ions generated with supercharging reagents but in charge-reducing buffer
11/21/13   Effects of ion/ion proton transfer reactions on conformation of gas-phase cytochrome c ions
11/14/13 Research Sam Marionni
11/7/13 Impact of Charge State on Gas-Phase Behaviors of Noncovalent Protein Complexes in Collision Induced Dissociation and Surface Induced Dissociation
10/31/13 An Experimental Study of the Solvent-Dependent Self-Assembly/Disassembly and Conformer Preferences of Gramicidin A
10/24/13 Research Ken Laszlo
10/17/13 Electrostatic spraying of liquids in cone-jet mode
10/10/13 Research Kim Davidson
10/3/13 Activation State-Selective Kinase Inhibitor Assay Based on Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
9/26/13 Research Sam Allen
9/19/13 The Role of Salt Bridges, Charge Density, and Subunit Flexibility in Determining Disassembly Routes of Protein Complexes
9/12/13 Research Tracy Stanzel
9/5/13 Research Sam Marionni
8/15/13 Native Electrospray and Electron-Capture Dissociation FTICR Mass Spectrometry for Top-Down Studies of Protein Assemblies

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