Ion Mobility MS Workshop at ASMS

Erin and I hope that everyone enjoyed this year’s workshop! Mike Bowers, Colin Creaser, and Herb Hill have kindly agreed to share their slides (links below).

Applying Ion Mobility to Biological Problems
Erin Baker (PNNL) and Matt Bush (University of Washington), presiding
5:45 PM on Monday, June 16th. Room 314-317.

Results from ion mobility mass spectrometry studies are increasingly used to answer questions in biology, including applications to metabolomics, proteomics, targeted interactions, and large molecules. This is in part attributed to the increasing performance and selection of commercial ion mobility mass spectrometry instrumentation, which has made it easier to integrate ion mobility technologies into mass spectrometry workflows. In this workshop, 3 members of the community will present their perspectives on the future of ion mobility MS in biology. These perspectives will be followed by a panel discussion of the challenges that arise in different types of ion mobility studies, what is possible today, and opportunities for the future.

Perspectives on the Future of Ion Mobility MS

  • Michael Bowers (University of California, Santa Barbara) (Slides | PDF | 2.3 mb)
  • Colin Creaser (Loughborough University) (Slides | PDF | 220 kb)
  • Herb Hill (Washington State University) (Slides | PDF | 5.9 mb)

Panel Discussion

  • Michael Bowers (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Colin Creaser (Loughborough University)
  • Kevin Giles (Waters)
  • Michael Grössl (TOFWERKS)
  • Herb Hill (Washington State University)
  • Mel Park (Bruker)
  • Brad Schneider (AB SCIEX)
  • George Stafford (Agilent)
  • Danielle Toutoungi (Owlstone)

Please send questions or suggestions for the panel discussion to Erin Baker ( or Matt Bush ( We look forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore!