Join the Bush Lab

Interested in Joining the Bush Lab?

  • Prospective Graduate Students: Prospective graduate students should apply through the Chemistry Graduate Program, the Biochemistry Graduate Program, or the Biological Physics, Structure, and Design Program.
  • Prospective Postdocs: We do not having funding to support postdoctoral researchers at this time. Interested candidates would need to have their own funding or apply for a fellowship. 
  • UW Graduate Students: Opportunities are available for a range of instrumental, biological, and physical projects. Interested students are encouraged to attend our weekly group meeting. Please contact Matt Bush for additional information.
  • UW Undergraduate Students: Due to the pandemic, no new research opportunities are available for undergraduate students. Link retained for the future: Opportunities available.
  • UW PREP: We participate in the UW Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP). The goal of the program is to bring underrepresented and disadvantaged students to UW for one year following their graduation with a baccalaureate degree to facilitate their subsequent enrollment into graduate school in the biomedical sciences. Please see the program site for additional information.