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Interested in Joining the Bush Lab?

  • UW Undergraduate Students: Opportunities available.

Mass Spectrometry: Structural Biology, Instrument Development, and Software Development

Most proteins, particularly those that accomplish complicated tasks, form assemblies with other proteins and molecules that are critical for their function. Our research focuses on the development and application of mass spectrometry technologies to elucidate the structures and assembly of protein complexes and subcellular machines.

Projects can be developed to fit to your background and interests, i.e., there are no special prerequisites other than enthusiasm for research and a good work ethic. In addition to students with interests in chemistry and biophysics, our lab currently has opportunities for students with experience in computer-aid design (CAD of a new scientific instrument) and computer programming (development of software to interpret mass spectrometry data).

Interested students should send a transcript and cover letter to mattbush [at] uw [dot] edu. The letter should outline your relevant coursework, any research experience you may have, which aspect of our research interests you most, and how much time you would have to devote to the project.

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