Comparative Analysis of ICT Sector Conditions in Several CIS Countries

The "Expert" Consulting Agency and Public Fund "Information Assistance", within the framework of a project on system engineering monitoring and evaluation of the ICT sector in Kyrgyzstan, together with the Public Information Center of the Kyrgyz Republic presidential administrative office and support from the Soros Foundation, have prepared a comparative analysis of the ICT sector conditions in Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries. Some of the key parameters in widespread world practice were used in the analysis. To prepare the document data from the reports, "Review of ICT Sector Conditions in Kyrgyzstan - 2005" ("Expert", 2006), review of ICT development in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2005, accounting documents of the Agency for Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Results of development of communication and information sphere for 2005" and "Market Conditions of Telecommunication Services in Kazakhstan", and reports from the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Russian Federation and the International Telecommunications Union were used.

The report finds, among other things, that all of the Central Asian countries lag behind Russia in fixed telephone line (landline) density; percentage of cellphone users; and numbers of computers. Not surprisingly, Kazakhstan, the wealthiest of the Central Asian republics, has the most landlines and cell phone users and highest percentage of digital phone lines of the republics. However, Uzbekistan has seen a jump in digitalization in recent years, and some 66.2% of lines are digitized, almost as high a percentage as in Kazakhstan, which has 72.1% (These figures are from 2005.) Another interesting figure is that the level of cell phone penetration in Kyrgyzstan (10%) in 2005 was higher than in India and Pakistan (6.9% and 8.3%, respectively), countries whose rapidly growing youth population would presumably be adopting cell phones very quickly. One reason for this may be Kyrgyzstan's mountainous terrain, which makes the laying of phone lines difficult, so people who would ordinarily use landlines are instead turning to cell phones.

The complete text of the report is available in Russian from "Expert" at the following URL:


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