Jason R.V. Sellers

Research: Adsorption Energetics on Single-Crystalline Surfaces, Metal/Oxide Adsorption Calorimetry




Adsorption Calorimetry during Metal Vapor Deposition on Single Crystal Surfaces:  Increased Flux, Reduced Optical Radiation, and Real-Time Flux and Reflectivity Measurements, J. R. V. Sellers, T. E. James, J. A. Farmer, S. L. Hemmingson and C. T. Campbell, Review of Scientific Instruments, submitted.


Anchored Metal Nanoparticles: Effects of Support and Size on Their Energy, Sintering Resistance and Reactivity, C. T. Campbell and J. R. V. Sellers, Faraday Discussions 162, 9–30 (2013).


Kinetic Prefactors of Reactions on Solid Surfaces, C. T. Campbell, L. Árnadóttir and J. R. V. Sellers, Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 227 (2013).  [invited, for a special issue celebrating the Eyring / Polanyi paper introducing transition state theory]


Enthalpies and Entropies of Adsorption on Well-Defined Oxide Surfaces: Experimental Measurements, C. T. Campbell and J. R. V. Sellers, Chemical Reviews 113, 4106−4135 (2013).


The Entropies of Adsorbed Molecules, C. T. Campbell and J. R. V. Sellers, Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 18109−15 (2012).  [This paper was highlighted in Science magazine with a Perspective by J. F. Weaver: Science 339, 39-40 (2013).]


Jason Sellers

Contact Info:

Position:Grad Student


O: BG 049,   L:  CHB G024 

Phone: 206-221-6379

Email: jsell002@uw.edu

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