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Zhongtian Mao Wins 2 Awards at National AVS Symposium

Grad student Zhongtian Mao won 2 prestigious graduate student awards at this year’s National AVS Symposium in Columbus, OH:

The Morton M. Traum Award of the AVS Surface Science Division


The Fundamental Discoveries in Heterogeneous Catalysis Graduate Student Presentation Award.

CONGRATULATIONS to Zhongtian for his well-deserved awards!!  They are based on his discovery of a fundamental equation that equates the apparent activation energy in reaction mechanisms to a weighted average of the enthalpies of the rate-controlling transition states and intermediates, where the weighting factor is the degree of rate control for each species.


Jose A. Rodriguez named DOE Office of Science Distinguished Scientist Fellow

Jose A. Rodriguez, the first student to get his PhD in Campbell’s research group, was announced as a winner of the DOE Office of Science Distinguished Scientist Fellowship. The 5 winners (one for each office in the office of science) were announced at a ceremony at DOE Headquarters on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019. The links for Office of Science news release is below.

The BNL news release further below describes the project that Jose is planning to pursue with the fellowship funds, which aims at implementing new time-resolved capabilities for catalysis at NSLS-II and should benefit the catalysis science community broadly.




Ziareena Al-Mualem wins undergraduate Research Award!

Congratulations to our recently-graduated undergraduate student Ziareena Al-Mualem, who is one of this year’s recipients of the Distinguished Research in Chemistry Award.  Congratulations also to Zhongtian Mao and Jack Rumptz, who mentored her research on metal atom adsorption calorimetry.


Reena Almualem accepts Graduate Fellowship at UT Austin for PhD studies.

Undergrad researcher Ziareena (Reena) Almualem has decided to pursue her PhD studies at the University of Texas at Austin, supported by their Provost's Graduate Excellence Fellowship.  Congratulations, Reena!!  She will move to Austin in the summer and start graduate studies in the fall.


Ziareena Al-Mualem selected for ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry:

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Ziareena Al-Mualem! She has just been chosen to receive an ACS Undergraduate Awardee in Physical Chemistry.  Bravo!!  And thanks (and congratulations too) to grad students Zhongtian Mao and Jack Rumptz, who mentored her in research using metal adsorption calorimetry.


Lara Gamble (ph.d. 1996) to Lead UW Molecular Analysis Facility 

UW Bioengineering Associate Research Professor Lara Gamble has been named director of the UW Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF), a fully-staffed instrumentation facility with extensive microscopy, spectroscopy and surface science capabilities. Dr. Gamble, a surface analysis expert, succeeds long-time director David G. Castner, UW professor of chemical engineering and bioengineering, who is retiring.



Congratulations to Drs. Carey and Zhao, whose manuscript:

"Energetics of Adsorbed Benzene on Ni(111) and Pt(111) by Calorimetry"

has captured the cover page image for Volume 676 of Surface Science.


Congratulations to Spencer, who passed his PhD oral exam in flying colors on June 5, 2018, and is now Dr. Carey!!


Wei Zhang celebrated for West Graduate Fellowship. 

See attached photo of Wei (2nd from left) and other West Fellowship recipients with Ms West (the donor) at the annual Chemistry Department Awards Dinner.


Former group member Eric Karp (PhD 2012) publishes his 1st Science paper!

Eric, now at NREL, is first author on a paper that just appeared in

Science describing a catalytic process for renewable acrylonitrile production, which holds promise for contributing to clean production

of this major chemical.  Congratulations, Eric!


Campbell group's citations nearly 1400 for 2016!

According to the ISI Web of Science, publications by C.T. Campbell were cited over 1350 times in 2016. His Hirsch h-index is now 74.


José Rodriguez publishes 7th paper in Science

José A. Rodriguez, Prof. Campbell's first Ph.D. student who now leads a large research group at Brookhaven National Lab, just published a paper in Science magazine that describes a highly active new catalyst for the water-gas shift reaction (a key element in many current and proposed energy technologies). This is his 7th paper in Science, including 5 Research Articles and 2 Comments. That is an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations, José! We're proud of you.


Former postdoc Kalle Ernst helped get 2016 Nobel Prize

Former group postdoc Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Ernst (nicknamed "Kalle") helped contribute to this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry that went to Ben Feringa and others.  Ernst is the other senior co-author on Feringa's seminal paper "Electrically driven directional motion of a four-wheeled molecule on a metal surface", which was published in 2011 in "Nature". Ernst and his group supplied the exceptional scanning tunnelling microscope images of the motion of this "molecular car" shown in that report. Way to go, Kalle!! Ernst was interviewed many times in public media about this recently in Zurich, Switzerland where he now lives.


Campbell wins Gauss Professorship
Charles T.  Campbell was awarded the Gauss Professorship of the Göttingen Academy of Science, Germany, 2016-17.  The past award winners list is impressive: .  This award is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German mathematician who had an exceptional influence in many fields of mathematics and science (e.g., Gauss's Theorem, Gauss's Law) and is ranked as one of history's most influential mathematicians.


  Campbell group's citations top 1200 again for 2015!

   According to the ISI Web of Science, publications by C.T. Campbell were  cited over 1200 times in 2015, with over 1100 in 2014. His Hirsch h-index is now 72

Campbell elected Fellow of the AVS
Campbell was elected a Fellow of the AVS in 2016.


Campbell wins AVS Medard W. Welch Award for 2015.

The Medard W. Welch Award, which is the top award of the AVS, is meant to recognize and encourage outstanding research in the fields of interest to the AVS.  For a list of past recipients, see:


Stephen L. Tait (PhD 2005) gets tenure at IU.

Steve was promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor with tenure at Indiana University efective Fall 2015. Way to go, Steve!



DOE EFRC Proposal Gets Funded:

June 19, 2014 - The Campbell Group is to get funding for 4 years along with others from U Minnesota, Northwestern U., Argonne Natl lab and PNNL. These groups will form the Energy Frontier Research Center, Inorganometallic Catalyst Design Center (ICDC) devoted to computationally guided discovery of a new class of energyscience- relevant catalytic materials and the underlying structure-function relationships that will guide further catalyst discovery.


DOE Grant Gets Funded:

Unofficial word received on June 12, 2014 that the group's renewal application to DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences got funded. This is an individual-investigator grant (PI = CT Campbell) for three years of funding, entitled "Supported Metal Nanoparticles: Correlating Structure with Catalytic Function through Energetics".


Lara Gamble wins 2014 AVS ASSD Award

Peter Sherwood Mid-Career Award on June 5, 2014. info


Campbell's NSF Proposal gets funded!

Individual-investigator grant entitled "Sustainable Chemistry:  Energies of Adsorbed Catalytic Intermediates on Transition Metal Surfaces" on June 3, 2014.


Trent Silbaugh dissertation

Passed his PhD Final Exam on May 15, 2014.


Stephanie Hemmingson

Passed her General Exam on May 13, 2014


Former PhD student wins Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.

Steven Tait wins 2014 Indiana University Outstanding Junior Faculty Award March 12, 2014. info


James Sharp dissertation

Passed his PhD Final Exam on March 6, 2014.


Charles Campbell is the recipient of the 2013 Robert Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis

Chemistry Department News Picture

Charles Campbell of the University of Washington is the recipient of the 2013 Robert Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis of the North American Catalysis Society, sponsored by Johnson Matthey and administered by The North American Catalysis Society. More...


Professors Campbell, Jen and Mayer named 2011 ACS Fellows

Chemistry Department News Picture

Professors Charles Campbell, Alex K.-Y. Jen, and James Mayer have been named 2011 ACS Fellows and will be recognized at an induction ceremony on August 29, 2011 during the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Denver. More...


Dr. Nancy J Ruzycki, Receives 2014 Faculty Excellence Award from MSE, University of Florida

“To encourage and reward excellence, innovation and effectiveness in education, research and service activities. " More..


Asst. Prof. Steven Tait, receives a 2014 Indiana University Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

“From the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs as well as the Vice Provost for Research. The awards are designed to assist untenured, tenure-track faculty to enhance their research programs prior to tenure. Awards are given to junior faculty who show promise of achieving great distinction as scholars or artists." More..


Calorimetry experiments by Eric Karp and Trent Silbaugh get highlighted in C&E News

“article by editor Mitch Jacoby!" More.. C&E


Dr. Nancy J Ruzycki, Receives 2014 Faculty Excellence Award from MSE, University of Florida

“To encourage and reward excellence, innovation and effectiveness in education, research and service activities. " More..


Dr. Jason R.V. Sellers's dissertation, November 12, 2013

“Adsorption and Thin-Film Adhesion on Single-Crystalline Surfaces: Enthalpies, Entropies, and Kinetic Prefactors for Surface Reactions" More..


Dr. Eric M. Karp's dissertation, December, 2012

“Adsorption Calorimetry Measurements of the Energetics of Catalytic Intermediates: Empirical Trends and Benchmarks for Theory" More..


Dr. Wanda Lew's dissertation, March 15, 2011

“Calorimetric Measurements of Energetics of Catalytic Intermediates on Platinum(111) Surface" More..


Dr. Jason A. Farmer's dissertation wins UW-wide Award,

“Direct Measurements of Chemical Bonding at Solid Surfaces using a Unique Calorimetric Method: Towards Understanding Surface Chemistry in Energy Technologies" was selected by the UW Graduate School as the UW’s nomination for the 2010 CGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award in Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering. More..


Jennifer Shumaker-Parry awarded tenure at University of Utah,

Former PhD student Jennifer Shumaker-Parry was promoted to Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Utah recently. Her group's research efforts are focused on the development of plasmonic structures and nanoparticle assemblies with tunable optical properties and surface plasmon resonance-based sensing and spectroscopy platforms, particularly for biomolecule analysis. More..


J. Michael Gottfried named Professor of Physical Chemistry at Marburg University in Germanyormer,

Former group postdoc Dr. J. Michael Gottfried has accepted the position of Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Philipps-University Marburg. More..


Feeling at Home…Miles Away,

Former PhD student, Assistant Professor of Physics Stephen Parker, describes his campus's annual trip to Saint Martin’s three sister schools in Japan: Mukogawa Women’s University in Nishinomiya (near Kobe), Okazaki Women’s Junior College in Okazaki (near Nagoya) and Reitaku University in Chiba (near Tokyo). More..


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