Ann W. Grant

Research: Surface Studies of Model Catalysts Using Metal Atoms and Particles on ZnO(0001)-Zn and -o and TiO2(110)



  1. The Adsorption of Cs on TiO2(110), A. W. Grant and C. T. Campbell, Phys. Rev. B, 55, 1844-1851, 1997.
  2. Island Growth Kinetics During the Vapor Deposition of Gold onto TiO2(110), S. C.Parker, A. W. Grant, V. A. Bondzie and C. T. Campbell, Surface Sci. 441, 10-20 1999.
  3. Adsorption of Chlorine on ZnO(0001)-Zn and Coadsorption with HCOOH, A. W. Grant, A. Jamieson, C. T. Campbell, Surface Sci. 458, 71-79, 2000.
  4. The Influence of Chlorine on the Dispersion of Cu Particles on Cu/ZnO(0001) Model Catalysts”, by Ann W. Grant, Jeffrey T. Ranney, Charles T. Campbell, T. Evans and G. Thornton, Catalysis Letters 65, 159-68, 2000.
  5. Model Oxide-Supported Metal Catalysts: Energetics, Particle Thicknesses, Chemisorption and Catalytic Properties, C. T. Campbell, A. W. Grant, D. E. Starr, S. C. Parker and V. E. Bondzie, Topics in Catalysis (invited paper in issue honoring Gabor Somorjai), 14, 43-51, 2001.
  6. Methanol Decomposition on Pt/ZnO(0001)-Zn Model Catalysts, A. W. Grant, J. H. Larsen, C. A. Perez, S. Lehto, M. Schmal and C. T. Campbell, J. Phys. Chem. 105, 9273-9, 2001.


Ann W. Grant

Contact Info:

Position: Ph.D. 2001
R&D Engineer


Volvo Technology AB
Sven Hultinsgatan 9D
41288 Göteborg

Mobile: +46 31 322 7564

Fax: +46 31 772 4004



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