Ebbe Kruse Vestergaard




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Conference Contributions (Oral and Poster Presentations):

  1. June 2002:10th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis, Poster "Bridging the Pressure Gap for CO on Platinum"
  2. June 2002: ECOSS21/NANO-7, Contributed talk "Bridging the Pressure gap for CO on Platinum"
  3. August 2002: Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Fuel Cells, Poster "Bridging the Pressure Gap: CO on Platinum"
  4. November 2003: AVS-50, Contributed talks "High Pressure STM Studies of Metal and Alloy Surfaces: Adsorption Induced Phase Separation" and "CO and Ethylene Dissociation on Ni(111): Influence of Steps"
  5. March 2004: ACS 227th national meeting, Contributed talk "Atomistic insight into surface reactions on TiO2(110)"
  6. June 2004: Catalysis meeting "Catalysis from First Principles", Magleås, Denmark. Contributed talk "HP-STM Studies of Metal and Alloy Surfaces: Adsorption Induced Phase Separation"
  7. September 2004: CNT/PNNL Nanoworkshop. Contributed talk "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy studies of reactivity and "active sites" at the nanoscale"
  8. November 2004: AVS-51, Contributed talks "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy studies of charge-transfer effects on the oxygen and water chemistry on TiO2(110)" and "Adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons on Pt(111) studied with single crystal adsorption calorimetry" (post deadline session).
  9. February 2005: Gordon Research Conference "Chemical Reactions at Surfaces". Poster: "Adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons on Pt(111) studied with single crystal adsorption calorimetry".


Contact Info:

Position: Head of Teknisk Gymnasium at Skive Tekniske Skole

Grundfos Management A/S
Poul Due Jensens Vej 7
8850 Bjerringbro

Phone: (+45) 87504071

Email: evestergaard@grundfos.com



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