Wanda Lew

Research: Calorimetric Measurements of Energetics of Catalytic Intermediates on Platinum(111) Surface

Abstract: The heats of adsorption of reaction intermediates on transition metal catalysts provide energetics important to understanding and improving catalysts.  The Pt(111) surface is the most stable face of platinum and thus provides a well-defined model of the surface sites on industrial platinum catalysts.   In this project the adsorption energies for the formation of cyclohexene,  2-cyclohexenyl, water, and hydroxyl on Pt(111) were measured directly using microcalorimetry in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber. Platinum was studied because it  has been identified as the most active catalyst for a wide range of reactions,  particularly  dehydrogenation  of hydrocarbons  and oxidation reduction reactions in fuel cells.



  1. The Energy of Hydroxyl Coadsorbed with Water on Pt(111) Wanda Lew, Matthew C. Crowe, Charles T. Campbell, Javier Carrasco, Angelos Michaelides Phys. Rev. Lett. 2011, submitted for publication.
  2. The Energy of Adsorbed Hydroxyl on Pt(111) by Microcalorimetry Wanda Lew, Matthew C. Crowe, Eric Karp, Ole Lytken, Jason A. Farmer, Líney Árnadóttir, Carolyn Schoenbaum, and Charles T. Campbell J. Phys.
    Chem. C. 2011, in press.
  3. Energy of Molecularly Adsorbed Water on Clean Pt(111) and Pt(111) with Coadsorbed Oxygen by Calorimetry Wanda Lew, Matthew C. Crowe, Eric Karp, and Charles T. Campbell J.
    Phys. Chem. C. 2011, in press.
  4. Improved Pyroelectric Detectors for Single Crystal Adsorption Calorimetry from 100 to 350 K Wanda Lew, Ole Lytken, Jason A. Farmer, Matthew C. Crowe, and Charles T. Campbell Rev. Sci. Instr., 2010, 81, 024102.
  5. Energetics of Cyclohexene Adsorption and Reaction on Pt(111) by Low-Temperature Microcalorimetry Ole Lytken, Wanda Lew, Jonathan J. W. Harris, Ebbe K. Vestergaard, J.
    Michael Gottfried and Charles T. Campbell J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130 , 10247.
  6. Catalytic Reaction Energetics by Single Crystal Adsorption
    Calorimetry: Hydrocarbons on Pt(111)
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  7. Tripod Self-Assembled Monolayer on Au(111) Prepared by Reaction of Hydroxyl-Terminated Alkylthiols with SiCl4 Andrew S. Ichimura, Wanda Lew, David L. Allara Langmuir, 2008, 24, 2487.

Wanda Lew

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Position: PhD 2011



Email: wanda.lew@gmail.com

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