Jana Musgrove

Research: Computer Interfacing to Calorimetry Apparatus, M.S. in Applied Physics



  1. "A microcalorimetric study of the heat of adsorption of copper on well-defined oxide thin film surfaces: MgO(100), p(2 x 1) oxide on Mo(100) and disordered W oxide", Ranney JT, Starr DE, Musgrove JE, Bald DJ, Campbell CT, FARADAY DISCUSSIONS, (114) 195-208 1999
  2. "Microcalorimetric heats of adsorption of metals on metal oxide and Si(100) surfaces", Starr DE, Bald DJ, Musgrove JE, Ranney JT, Larsen JH, Campbell CT, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 218: 181-COLL , Part 1 AUG 22 1999
  3. "Calorimetric measurements of metal adsorption and adhesion energies on clean, single-crystalline oxide surfaces", Campbell CT, Stuckless JT, Bald D, Starr D, Musgrove J, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 216: 046-PHYS , Part 2 AUG 23 1998

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Contact Info:

Position: Graduate Student in Physics



Email: musgrove@uw.edu


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