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Research: Adsorption Microcalorimetry



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  2. A Microcalorimetric Study of the Heat of Adsorption of Copper on Well-Defined Oxide Thin Film Surfaces:   MgO(100), p(2x1)-Oxide on Mo(100), and Disordered W Oxide,   J. T. Ranney, D. E. Starr, J. E. Musgrove, D. J. Bald and C. T. Campbell, Faraday Discussions (Invited Article), 114, 195-208, 1999.
  3. The Influence of Chlorine on the Dispersion of Cu Particles on Cu/ZnO(0001) Model Catalysts”, by Ann W. Grant, Jeffrey T. Ranney, Charles T. Campbell, T. Evans and G. Thornton, Catalysis Letters 65, 159-68, 2000.
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  5. Microcalorimetric measurements of the heat of adsorption of Pb on well-defined oxides: MgO(100) and p(2x1)-oxide on Mo(100), D. E. Starr, D. J. Bald, J. E. Musgrove, J. T. Ranney and C. T. Campbell, J. Chem. Phys. 114, 3752-64, 2001.
  6. Measurement of the energetics of metal film growth on a semiconductor substrate:   Ag / Si(100)-2x1, D. E. Starr, J. T. Ranney, J. H. Larsen, J. E. Musgrove and C. T. Campbell, Phys. Rev. Letters 87, 106102, 2001.
  7. Heat of Adsorption of Cu and Pb on Hydroxyl-covered MgO(100), D. E. Starr, S. F. Diaz, J. E. Musgrove, J. T. Ranney, D. J. Bald, L. Nelen, H. Ihm and C. T. Campbell, Surface Sci. 515, 13-20, 2002.


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