Canada Study Tour '08
Vancouver, British Columbia  
President's Day Weekend Feb 14th-18th, 2008   



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The History of the Tour...

In 2006, the Business School partnered with the Jackson School of International Studiesí Canadian Studies Center to create a pilot study tour to Canada. The tourís leaders, Vanessa Brewster and Saara Romu, selected the American Presidents Day Weekend for the tour so that participants would miss no classes but that businesses in Canada would be open. Second year students typically do not have classes on Fridays, giving them four full days in Vancouver.



Like the other study tours, this one was managed and led by two MBA students overseen jointly by Jennifer Adrien, Assistant Director for MBA Global Programs in the Global Business Center, and Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director for Canadian Studies. Sukumar Periwal, Canada-US Fulbright Chair, provided his expertise about and connections in Canada. Nadine and Sukumar accompanied the group to Vancouver.




A third MBA student was selected to be mentored through the process for the purpose of becoming a primary leader for the 2008 Canada Study Tour. The 2007 Canadian Study Tour not only gave graduate students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our neighbors to the north, but it also allowed them to do so in a shorter time frame than the two-week overseas tours, for less money, and with minimal impact on career and family obligations.