Canada Study Tour '08
Vancouver, British Columbia  
President's Day Weekend Feb 14th-18th, 2008   



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Tania Elliott
MBA Class of 2008

Tania helped organize the 2007 Canada Study tour and is now a co-leader for the trip in 2008.  In addition to pursuing her MBA, Tania is also pursuing a joint-degree with the Jackson School for a Masters of International Studies.  Tania has previously worked for the Peace Corps in Latin America, and she just recently finished her summer internship at Starbucks in Seattle.

Tania is now in Madrid for the Fall Quarter doing a study abroad semester in Spain.  She is looking forward to the 2008 Canada Study tour trip, and rates last year's trip to Canada as one of the "coolest" experiences she's had during her MBA program. 



Tim Randall
Evening MBA Class of 2009

Tim went on the tour last year and is a co-leader of the Canada Study Tour in 2008.  Tim is an Evening MBA, and when he's not going to class or studying he's spending his free time working as an engineer at The Boeing Company. 

Tim was born in Montreal, Quebec and is a tri-citizen of Canada, Britain, and the United States.  He attended undergrad at UW and also studied in Bristol, England.  "I'm excited about this year's trip.  It's going to be a blast and I can't wait to lead everyone up to Vancouver for a fantastic business and cultural experience!"     

Contact Tim or Tania for more questions about the tour!