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  3. Aurochs head (Arms of Moldavia) in the Monastery of Putna (1465)
  4. Top: Cetatea Alba Castle. Bottom: Soroca Castle
  5. Top: Hotin Castle. Bottom: Sucevita Monastery (1586)
  6. Top: The Castle of Suceava (former capital of Moldavia). Bottom: Ruins of Suceava Castle
  7. Top: St. George's Church, Suceava. Bottom: The shrine of St. John-the-New at Suceava
  8. Top: Radauti Church. Bottom: A fresco in Radauti Church
  9. Top: Putna Monastery, where Stepehn-the-Great (1457-1504) lies buried. Bottom: Stephen-the-Great's triptych in Putna Monastery
  10. Left: An icon in Putna Monastery. Right: An icon on Stephen-the-Great's triptych at Putna
  11. Left: A fresco in Arborea Church. Right: An epitaph in Putna Monastery
  12. Top: Arborea Church (1502). Bottom: Moldavian peasant women t the door of Arborea Church
  13. Top: Gura Humorului Monastery. Bottom: Voronet Church
  14. Left: Moldavian peasant from Bukovina. Right: Jeremiah Movila's epitaph at Sucevita
  15. Left: A doorway in Dragomirna Monastery. Right: Dragomirna Monastery (1609)
  16. Top: Palace of the Metropolitan at Cernauti. Bottom: National Theatre, Cernauti
  17. Top: The Apprentices' Hostel at Cesrnauti, recently built by the Ministry of Labour. Bottom: The social Insurance Building, Cernauti
  18. Top: The new buildings of the University of Cernauti (inaugurated on Oct. 12, 1935). Bottom: H.M. King Carol II at the inauguration of the new University buildings, Cernauti
  19. Top: H. M. King Carol II delivering an address at the inauguration of the new University buildings, Cernauti. Bottom: H. M. King Carol II with staff and students in Cerauti University
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