THIS Book was written partly in the saddle and partly in the tent, and almost wholly amid the scenes and adventures which it describes. It should therefore not be lacking in local colour.

The explorations and events recorded were incidents of a residence in Syria (luring nine stirring years, and companions in the dangers and enjoyments are still with us.

The work—some chapters of which have already appeared—has been edited in the fresh light of new inscriptions and fuller investigations, and aims at giving a picture. in outline only, of the living past and the living present under consideration. The East moves slowly, and few changes in light or shadow call for alteration in tone or setting consequent on delay in publication.

I am indebted to Dr. Mackinnon of Damascus. and Dr. Macphail of Edinburgh, for the use of recently taken photographs in Bashan ; and I am under special obligations to the publishers for the creditable manner 'in which they have produced the Book on both sides of the Atlantic.



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