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     <translator>Lance Jenott</translator>

     <line num="1">Sing, oh goddess, about the wrath of <name status="mortal">Achilles</name> son of <name status="mortal">Peleus</name>,</line>
     <line num="2">the accursed wrath which cast a myriad of pain upon the <name status="mortal">Achaeans</name></line>
     <line num="3">and sent forth many noble souls of heroes to <name status="divine">Hades</name>,</line>
     <line num="4">making them prey for dogs and all birds.</line>
     <line num="5">The will of <name status="divine">Zeus</name> was fulfilled,</line>
     <line num="6">when, in fact, the two men first parted ways in strife,</line>
     <line num="7">the son of <name status="mortal">Atreus</name>, ruler of men, and god-like <name status="mortal">Achilles</name>.</line>