Conservation Colloquium Schedule

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
HUB Ballroom
UW Seattle Campus

Registration is free, please register today!

Schedule of Events

12:30-1:00       Registration

1:00-1:05         Welcome by UW Provost
Phyllis Wise

1:05-1:10         Colloquium Overview
Jon Bakker: Colloquium Chair, UW School of Forest Resources

1:10-1:40         Session A: Species and Ecosystem Conservation

  • Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program
    • Lisa Dabeck: Woodland Park Zoo
  • The Penguin Project: The Next 25 Years
    • Eric Wagner: UW Biology
  • Assessing the Vulnerability to Climate Change of the Species and Ecological Systems of the Pacific Northwest
    • Josh Lawler: UW School of Forest Resources
  • Regional Strategies for Restoring Native Prairies
    • Peter Dunwiddie: UW Biology
  • Restoration of Montane Meadows Following Conifer Invasion
    • Ryan Haugo: UW School of Forest Resources


1:40-2:25         Session B: Economics and Politics of Marine Conservation

  • The Global Fisheries Crisis: Ecological, Economic, and Social Dimensions
    • Nicolas Gutierrez, Olaf Jensen, Michael Melnychuk, & Suresh Sethi: UW School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences
  • Integrated Coastal Management: Addressing and Adapting to Contemporary Conservation Issues in the Central Philippines
    • Chelsea Combest-Friedman, Cirse Gonzalez, Ethan Lucas, & Kathryn Schleit: UW School of Marine Affairs

2:25-3:05         Session C: Public Involvement in Conservation

  • Design Systems for Sustainability
    • Joyce Cooper: UW Mechanical Engineering, David Miller: Architecture, Elaine Oneil: UW School of Forest Resources, Dorothy Reed: UW Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Energizing the Public to Conserve Aquatic Resources on the Kitsap Peninsula
    • Jeff Adams: Washington Sea Grant
  • Cap and Sacrifice
    • Andy Meyer: UW English/Program on the Environment
  • Washington Forest Stewardship Education
    • Kevin Zobrist: WSU & UW Forest Resources
  • Growing Sustainability at the UW Farm
    • Elizabeth Wheat: UW Biology

3:05-3:25         Break

3:25-4:20         Session D: Regional Planning and Conservation

  • Human Wildlife Connectivity: From the Neighborhood Scale to the Ecosystem Scale
    • Mitch Friedman: Conservation Northwest, Walter Henze; UW Department of Family Medicine and Okanogan Valley Land Council, Grant Jones: Jones and Jones Architects, Roger Rosenblatt: UW Department of Family Medicine
  • Conservation Planning in Practice: Setting Conservation Priorities for the Columbia Plateau
    • Eileen Burns: UW Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management Program, Michael Case: UW School of Forest Resources, Dan Evans: UW Biology, Eric Larson: UW School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Hilary Papendick: UW School of Forest Resources and Evans School of Public Affairs
  • Climate Smart Landscape Connectivity for the Pacific Northwest
    • Meade Krosby: UW Biology
  • Planning for Natural Resource Conservation Areas: One Class at a Time
    • Gordon Bradley: UW School of Forest Resources

4:20-5:05         Session E: Cultures and Conservation

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Wildland Fire Science: Partnerships for Problem-Solving
    • Ernesto Alvarado: UW School of Forest Resources, Jim Erickson: Intertribal Timber Council, Everett Isaac: Yakama Nation & School of Forest Resources, Larry Mason: Rural Technology Initiative School of Forest Resources
  • The King’s Forest and Everyman’s Mushroom: Bialowieza, Poland
    • Eunice Blavascunas: UW Program on the Environment
  • Humans, Culture, Politics and Conservation – Sichuan Province, China
    • Julie Combs, R. Keala Hagmann, Tom Hinckley, Heather Simmons-Rigdon, & Lauren Urgenson: UW School of Forest Resources

5:05-5:15         Program Synthesis – Looking forward: Jon Bakker

5:15-6:30         Reception and Poster Session