2015 Presentation Slides

Thank you to all of our presenters, sponsors, and attendees for making this year's Mindfulness Conference a success! We hope you will be able to join us again in 2017. Please see below for presentation slides from our presenters. 

Keynote Address

Research Inslights into Promoting the Well-being of Children and their Families

Presented by Dr. Adele Diamond, University of British Columbia

Other resources recommended by Dr. Adele Diamond

People can access the videos I showed:

Panel: Cultivating Mindfulness with High-Risk Youth

Learning to Breathe: A Mindfulness-Based Curriculum to Support At-Risk Youth

Presented by Dr. Amy Eva, Seattle University

Panel: Mindfulness in Parenting

Promoting Resilience in Young Children through Parenting: A Pilot Study 

Presented by Dr. Barbara Burns, Santa Clara University

The Impact of Parental Mindfulness Training on Infant Prosociality

Presented by Miranda Sitch for Dr. Jessica Sommerville, University of Washington

Panel: Mindfulness in Communities Experiencing Trauma

Promoting Mindfulness for Diverse Populations

Presented by Molly Cevasco, M.Ed., BCBA, University of Washington

Practice Workshop

Healing Trauma through Relationship: Mindfulness of Neural and Emotional Cues

Presented by Dr. Sharon Stanley, Somatic Transformation

Closing Insights and Future Directions

Reflections on the Research on Mindfulness and Compassion

Presented by Dr. Robert Roeser, Portland State University

*We will be adding more presentation slides over the next couple weeks. Please check back for updates!