Mindfulness Instructors and Resources for Schools

For classrooms:

A number of mindfulness classroom curricula are available:

Mindful Schools: www.mindfulschools.org (Instructors certified in Mindful Schools can be found at: http://www.mindfulschools.org/resources/directory/?cn-s=seattle )

Mind Up: http://thehawnfoundation.org/mindup/

Inner Kids: http://www.susankaisergreenland.com/inner-kids

Yoga Calm: http://www.yogacalm.org/ (Instructors certified in Yoga Calm can be found at: http://www.yogacalm.org/new-directory/ )


For educators:

CARE is an evidence-based professional training for educators supporting mindfulness-based classroom and resilience skills for teachers: http://www.care4teachers.org/