Spotlight on Science

Read these summaries of the latest findings from faculty research.

Studying self-regulation as a protective factor in adolescent risky behaviors.

Adolescence is a developmental period when teens are gaining a great deal of independence at the same time that their brain is still developing the capability to handle that independence. Research suggests that some of the reason that... Read more.

Studying how infants understand and use emotions in social interactions.

My research explores infants’ responses to, and understanding of, other people’s emotional expressions.  Before language develops, emotions are the primary means by which parent and child communicate.  Thus, it would not be surprising... Read more.

Studying how infants perceive fairness and how that relates to their prosocial behaviors.

The ability to be ”fair” in a situation and the ability to evaluate other people's actions as “fair” are integral to successful societal functioning. Research suggests that adults across cultures have a preference for fair outcomes. For... Read more.

Social cognition from infancy through early childhood

My research investigates the development of social cognition from infancy through early childhood. I am interested in typical age-related changes in social cognition and the mechanisms that underlie these developmental changes, as well... Read more.