Compassion Cultivation Training (8 weeks)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Maya Nader

Compassion Cultivation Training (8 weeks)

6:00pm - 8:00pm
CCFW, 3903 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

The fall CCT class has been cancelled.
Next CCT course begins March 5th. Details here.


Course Description

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is an 8-week educational program designed to help you improve your resilience and feel more connected to others—ultimately providing an overall sense of well-being. A compassionate attitude can greatly reduce the distress people feel in difficult situations and can become a profound personal resource in times of stress. Thupten Jinpa, the senior author of CCT, describes the program in these words: "What CCT aims to do is to make people become more aware and more connected with their compassionate nature so that their instinctive response to a given situation will come from that compassionate understanding standpoint rather than negative excessive judgement."

There is a growing body of research which asserts the value of cultivating compassion. As a wholesome state of mind, compassion is essential to individual well-being. As an ethical orientation, compassion is also essential for sustaining rich nourishing relationships. As a social force, it is crucial for addressing global, socio-economic dilemmas.

Participants probe real-world questions such as: What is compassion? What blocks it? Are there limits to compassion? Is there a difference between empathy and compassion? If living from compassion is all it is cracked up to be, why is self-compassion so difficult? How do I enhance my resilience while decreasing worry? How do I jumpstart a sustainable meditation practice? How do I have more meaningful connections with family, friends and co-workers?

You will learn through instruction, meditation, mindfulness and experiential exercises how to cultivate the daily-life skills needed to strengthen the qualities of compassion, courage and resilience. We will discuss how you can "move your attention at will, and how attention is like a spotlight," as Dr. Paul Gilbert says, "whatever it shines on is what becomes brighter in the mind..."

Not only has cultivating compassion been found to reduce the frequency and intensity of destructive emotions (such as anger and hatred), it is also a sustainable response to the suffering of others, and actually alleviates empathetic distress and burnout. Consequently, Compassion Cultivating Training is relevant to those in health and human services roles who regularly witness suffering in their work. The program is also of value to anyone challenged by suffering in themselves or in our world. This includes parents, caregivers, educators, healthcare professionals, therapists, executives, public servants, and people in a wide range of professions and life contexts. No previous meditation experience is required.

What to expect:

A two hour weekly class that includes discussion, and in-class partner and small-group listening and communication exercises.
Daily meditation practices to develop kindness, empathy, compassion for others, and self-compassion.
Real-world "homework" assignments to practice compassionate thoughts and action.

Week 1: Learning to settle the mind
Week 2: Cultivating loving-kindness 
Week 3 & 4: Developing loving-kindness and compassion for oneself
Weeks 5: Establishing our shared common humanity, recognizing Interdependence
Week 6: Cultivating compassion toward others 
Week 7: Building resilience to recognize the pain and suffering, and facing it with a warm embrace
Week 8: Last session we will integrate all the steps in one meditation 

Class Dates

8-week course
Wednesdays, October 17 – December 12, 2018  |  6:00pm – 8:00pm 

Course Fees

$320.00 regular registration
$325.00: Registration with a certificate of completion to use for CEUs

UW Affiliate Discounts

     20% off for UW faculty and staff - must register with UW email address and provide department name, office, and position. 
     25% off if paying with a UW budget number, with department approval.

If you are interested in financial assistance, CCFW offers two options:

  • Income-based reduced fee of $230, available to individuals with an annual household income from all sources of $60,000 or less. For more details, please email 

  • A limited number of scholarships are available per course. To apply for a scholarship, please review criteria and complete the application form at   Important note: Scholarship applicants will be notified no later than 3 weeks prior to the first day of class. Applicants must wait to register for the course until a decision has been made in order to qualify

About the Instructor

Maya is a certified CCT instructor by CCARE, Stanford University. A native of Beirut, Lebanon, Maya earned her B.A. in Political Science from the American University of Beirut. She moved to the US in 1989, at the height of the Lebanese war. As she continued her quest for peace in her country and region, Maya obtained a Master’s degree in Communication and Marketing from Boston University. She speaks French, Arabic, and English and is grateful for the cultural richness these languages encompass. Through this lens, Maya views compassion as a bridge between cultures and religions and as the cornerstone of a more peaceful world. In her teaching CCT, Maya continues to practice self-help and assist others in broadening compassion, which ultimately creates opportunities for peace. Maya is also a certified yoga teacher. She teaches yoga and meditation in retirement communities and to prison residents and staffAdditionally, she volunteers for Seattle based non-profit organizations looking to bring mindfulness to K-12 schools and compassionate story telling to the community.  More on Maya at:

Past participants reviews of Maya:

 "Maya was completely natural and was able to address questions on an appropriate depth even when challenged to go quite deep." CCT Participant Summer 2018 

  "I found the meditations led by Maya at the beginning of each class, along with sometimes some movement, to be very beneficial. I found the guided meditations that we practiced at home to be very beneficial as well. I found the exercises and the videos to be very beneficial, and I liked Maya's warm teaching style." CCT Participant Winter 2017