Professional Trainings

April 15, 2016
Professional Trainings
Cynthia Price, PhD MA LMP
Mindful Body Awareness for Self-Care: Interoceptive Tools for Practicing Health Care Professionals and their Clients
10:00am - 5:00pm  »  CCFW Room 151

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Course Description: 
Mindful attention to the body, involving interoceptive awareness (i.e. awareness of inner body sensations), is a powerful tool for regulation and self-care. For health professionals, mindful body awareness can be useful to facilitate presence in your practice and to protect against burn-out.  These tools may also be useful to your clients, particularly those who are highly stressed or anxious, or disconnected from their bodies due to physical or emotional pain, or trauma.  In this one-day class you will learn some simple mindful body awareness tools to use in your practice for self-care, and these same tools can also be taught to your clients to facilitate their own awareness and self-care.   

Date: Friday, April 15 2016 from 10am – 5pm.

Minimum enrollment: 10; Max enrollment: 20

About the Instructor:
Cynthia Price, Ph.D., M.A., LMP is a Research Assoc. Professor at the University of Washington. Cynthia's research and clinical expertise is in the acquisition of interoceptive awareness. In private practice for 20 years, she developed Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT) to teach interoceptive awareness and related skills for self-care and emotion regulation.  Her research program is focused on studying the efficacy and mechanisms of MABT for distressed populations.  The majority of her work focuses on community-based research for individuals who are disconnected from their bodies due to substance use, trauma or pain. She is the Director of the Center for Mindful Body Awareness (, a non-profit focused on teaching MABT, and integrating mindful body awareness education into programs for underserved populations.