Follow-up Unit

The follow-up interview unit operates as a functional unit within the University of Washington's Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center (MCRC). The unit provides professional level of service to grant funded research groups to support to research protocols requiring elements of patient follow-up via telephone interviewing, e-mail or mail survey. The unit specializes in coordinating efforts to efficiently perform research study follow-up interviews, collect surveys via phone and mail based on the protocol schedule.

The unit is developing as a self-supporting cost center that will charge research groups for the completion of follow-up interviews. It will ensure a professional level of follow-up by ensuring that interview staff are appropriately trained, document a high level of contact attempts, consistently mail research interviews (where appropriate), consistently update contact information and preference from research participants, and ultimately achieve a high level of follow-up compliance at a lower cost than a single project build-up. The unit utilizes web-based data collection and monitoring tools to rapidly develop follow-up protocols, add new projects, and administer the follow-up service.

The estimated cost per patient interview is $55 which includes documented number of attempted follow-ups, printing of survey materials, mailing of survey materials, data collection and entry, telephone, Ethernet, and administration charges associated with the unit.

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