Objective 1.1: Increase by 5% annually (until >95%), the percent of African Americans with diabetes meeting any of the ADA goals for health measures as evidenced by annual chart audits in 4 health care systems in Charleston and Georgetown Counties, by 9/29/06.

Objective 1.2: Decrease or maintain decreased rates of lower limb amputation in African American men and women in Georgetown and Charleston Counties to <= statewide mean for South Carolina as evidenced by data obtained from ORS and DHEC, by 9/29/2006.

Objective 1.3a: To maintain education opportunities using community health advisors and diabetes educators among African American people with diabetes and their support system at 4 classes per week in the community setting.

Objective 1.3b: Educate the target population using Community Health Advisors, diabetes educators, and REACH staff at least 4 times monthly in the community health centers.

Objective 1.4 Diabetes educator to obtain diabetes self-management goals for 90% of all clients who have attended >= 2 diabetes education sessions by 9/29/2006.

Objective 1.5: Reduce the number of ER visits by African American on Medicaid in Charleston County for “uncomplicated diabetes” by 3% annually by 9/29/06.

Objective 1.6: Recruit and train at least 5 new volunteers per quarter during 2006.