Objective 5.1: Increase by 10% annually media exposure of DM and its complications, by 9/29/2006. This is evidenced by logs of media events.

Objective 5.2: Disseminate lessons learned annually through a minimum of 6 presentations and 2 publications in peer-reviewed journals by 9/29/2006.
Objective 5.3: Increase by 5% over baseline the percent of African American adults annually who report access and use of diabetes information resources

Objective 5.4a: Develop a train-the-trainer program on library/Internet resources

Objective 5.4b: Increase by 5% over baseline the number of participants annually in Afrocentric diabetes information technology education programs

Objective 5.5: Increase the number of Afrocentric diabetes web resources by developing a minimum of 1 new community-tailored web resource available through the REACH 2010 website by 9/29/2006

Objective 5.6: Expand by 5% community activities that offer health prevention and promotion to people with DM and their support networks by 9/29/2006.

Objective 5.7: Increase the use of community-based resources and sites for supplies, support, and education by 10% by 9/29/2006.

Objective 5.8: Finish entering data into PECS and then maintain data at Franklin C. Fetter and St. James Santee Health Centers by 9/29/2006.