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Unit 2: Creating a Strong Portfolio

Section 2.6: Table of Accomplishments: A Concise Way to Provide Evidence of Your Community-Engaged Work

Two faculty in the Scholarship Project used an innovative technique to document their accomplishments. They created a table that listed the institution's guidelines on the left hand column and then on the right hand column provided evidence that they had accomplished each of these criteria. One faculty indicated whether her work on each criteria in the guideline was 'high', 'medium', or 'low.' Please click here to review these examples.

Both faculty indicated that this technique enabled them to have productive conversations with their mentors or subcommittee chairs as they were preparing their portfolio materials, and saved these senior faculty time in making an overall assessment of their ability to gain promotion and/or tenure.

This concise method of documenting your work will enable you to clearly lay out your community-engaged work and scholarship across the academic missions. It supports work by Glassick of showing 'significant results' (Glassick et al. 1997: 23). You can use this form of documentation as a way to frame your career statement and teaching statements.

We encourage you to consider using this strategy in developing your portfolio and using it to show evidence of your community-engaged work and scholarship.

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