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Renee LeBoeuf, PhD


Dr. Renee LeBoeuf

Dr. LeBoeuf received her MS in Biophysics from the University of Oregon and her PhD in Biochemistry/Biophysics from the State University of New York in Buffalo, NY. Her post- doctoral work studying biotransformation enzymes was performed with Dr. Beverly Paigen in the Department of Molecular Biology, Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, NY. This was followed by work as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor while in the Molecular Biology Institute and the Department of Lipid Biology, University of California, Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. LeBoeuf is currently a Research Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition at the University of Washington. She is a member of the Diabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence and the Center for Cardiovascular Biology. The LeBoeuf lab has several ongoing projects in the areas of vascular disease, diabetes-accelerated atherosclerosis and renal diseases, and obesity. They are interested in the identification and functional characterization of genes involved in these disorders. The lab utilizes the mouse as a genetic model for these diseases because the mouse genome is well defined and metabolic diseases in this organism are similar to those seen in humans.