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Qinghang (Chris) Liu, PhD


Dr. Chris Liu

Dr. Liu received his PhD in physiology from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, where he studied new functional roles of protein phosphatases in regulating cardiomyocyte contractility and homeostasis. Dr. Liu then performed his postdoctoral research with Jeff Molkentin in the Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. His postdoctoral work was focused on understanding molecular signaling mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy.

Dr. Liu is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Washington. His current research focuses on defining the novel signaling and transcriptional regulatory mechanisms that underlie cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure, using innovative molecular, genetic, and functional approaches. By elucidating functional roles of key signaling molecules in regulating cardiac cell death, myocardial remodeling, and heart failure, these studies are aimed at providing new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of heart disease.