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Morayma Reyes, MD, PhD


Dr. Morayma Reyes

Dr. Reyes is an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in the Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington. She dedicates 80% of her time to conducting basic science and translational science research in adult stem cells. The focus of Dr. Reyes’ research is to study stem cells derived from skeletal muscles and heart as well as other major angiogenic populations important for tissue regeneration. The ultimate goal of her research is to apply this knowledge to develop cell therapeutics for treatment of muscle diseases such as muscular dystrophies and peripheral vascular diseases. Dr. Reyes dedicates the remaining 20% of her efforts as a clinical pathologist serving in the coagulation lab at the University of Washington Medical Centers (UWMC). Her responsibilities in laboratory medicine include teaching residents, managing certain laboratory functions and testing, development of new clinical tests, serving as a coagulation consultant and signing out diagnostic testing in the special coagulation lab at Harborview Medical Center and UWMC. One of the most recent projects that she is developing in the coagulation lab is a multicolor flow cytometry assay to study microparticles which have been implicated in some thrombotic and coagulopathy disorders.