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Michael E. Rosenfeld, PhD


Dr. Michael Rosenfeld

Dr. Michael E. Rosenfeld received his BA in Biology and Chemistry from Grinnell College and an MS in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Vermont. He received a doctoral degree in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin. He did post-doctoral training in Cardiovascular Pathology at the University of Washington working with the late Russell Ross. His post-doctoral studies focused on the development of atherosclerosis in genetically hyperlipidemic rabbits.

Dr. Rosenfeld’s first academic appointment was at the University of California San Diego where he worked with Drs. Daniel Steinberg and Joseph Witztum on the role of oxidized LDL in the development of atherosclerosis. He returned to the University of Washington in 1992 and is currently a Professor in the Departments of Pathology in the School of Medicine and Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences in the School of Public Health. Dr. Rosenfeld also is a core faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences.

His current research interests focus on the role of respiratory infection and air pollution exposure on lung injury and atherosclerosis and on the accelerated development of atherosclerosis and vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease. Dr. Rosenfeld is a member of the Center for Cardiovascular Biology, the Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health and the EPA Center for Clean Air Research. He is also the Associate Director of the NIEHS DISCOVER Center on Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease.