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PATH 501 - Pathology Proseminar

course description — PATH 501

Course Director: Varies
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Quarters Offered: AWSp (must complete 3 quarters)
Credits: 1
Path 501 is an introduction to reading and critiquing the scientific literature. The course involves small group discussions and presentations by students based on critical reading of original papers, or on concurrent seminars, in many areas of experimental pathology and medicine. The topic varies by quarter.

PATH 515 - Molecular Basis of Disease: Atherosclerosis and Myocardial Infarction

course description — PATH 515

Course Director: Chuck Murry, MD, PhD - Professor of Pathology, Bioengineering and Medicine
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Quarters Offered: Spring of even-numbered years
Credits: 1.5
Pathology 515 introduces medically important diseases and experimental approaches to understanding the basis of diseases and their treatments. It covers artherosclerosis, including lipids, extracellular matrix, cell signaling, inflammation, and downstream complications such as myocardial infarction and arrhythmias.

CONJ 530 - Directing Stem Cells Toward Regenerative Medicine

course description — CONJ 530

Instructors: Hannele Ruohola-Baker, PhD — Professor of Biochemistry
Carol Ware, PhD — Professor of Comparative Medicine
Prerequisite: None (also open to undergraduates)
Quarters Offered: Next offered Fall, 2013
Credits: 1.5

The primary goal of the Stem Cell course is to give an overview of the emerging field of stem cell and regenerative medicine, with an emphasis on human embryonic stem cells (hESC) for early graduate students so that they can decide if this will be a field of interest for their graduate studies and, if so, which facet they wish to focus on. Several investigators from the University of Washington and the greater Seattle area will present overviews of their interests and how this integrates within the greater picture of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

The students who wish to receive credit for this course will write a proposal, similar to a pilot grant proposal, with a limit of 1 page encompassing an abstract, introduction, experimental plan and future directions. The proposal will be evaluated for feasibility, scientific novelty and general grasp of the subject matter (30%). Students will present their proposal to the class during the final session (5-10 minute presentations). These will be assessed for the same criteria as the proposal, however, will be more heavily weighted for grasp of the material (50%). The final 20% of the grade will be assigned for participation throughout the lectures. Drs. Ruohola-Baker and Ware will attend all classes and take responsibility for assignments and consultation, including leading the students toward the appropriate resources for their proposals.

Path 552 Cardiovascular Seminar

course description — PATH 552

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Bioen 305 Bioengineering Analysis of Human Physiology II

course description — BIOEN 305

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