Health Professions Academy

Program Activities

The HPA’s activities are designed in a way that participating students work together to build a supportive community in which everyone enhances all aspects of their professional development as they prepare for admission into medical and dental school.  Activities include those of which to help students enhance the skills and strategies they will need to maximize their personal academic achievement through advising and mentoring that addresses their academic and social needs.

Another group of HPA-supported activities take place in clinical settings and draw upon the expertise of a variety of healthcare providers serving patients in Seattle and King County communities, and increase the medical and dental knowledge of the program’s participants. There are also activities designed to help the program’s students prepare for the medical and dental school admissions processes they will encounter.  Collectively, these activities span the continuum of skill building and experiential learning that aspiring healthcare providers need to be competitive applicants to medical and dental school. The HPA’s staff, advisors and mentors work with each student individually to determine which activities they will participate in and the optimal time.