Health Professions Academy

Community Building and Support

One of the greatest strengths of the HPA is the “community” that the scholars build together with one another. The UW is a large campus and it can feel very impersonal at times. This can be especially true for pre-health students who are disadvantaged (e.g., first generation to attend college, Pell grant eligible, from a rural or underserved community) or from racial and ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education and the health professions. The HPA sponsors many social gatherings throughout the year to help its scholars get to know one another and the community of advisors and mentors affiliated with the program. In addition to social gatherings, the HPA sponsors educational symposia with local and visiting healthcare scholars too. Collectively, these social and educational gatherings promote the formation of support networks and study groups, both of which are known to be of great benefit academically, socially, emotionally and professionally to students preparing for medical school and dental school.

HPA scholars may expect meeting as a cohort at least once a month during the school year, with keynote speakers and/or generic themes of interest at each scholar meeting.