Health Professions Academy


The HPA has a diverse network of volunteer mentors who are committed to helping scholars in the program achieve their goals. All of the mentors remember how important mentoring was when they were preparing for medical or dental school and they are dedicated to “paying it forward” to HPA scholars. The mentoring network is comprised of faculty from the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry, and medical and dental providers who practice in Seattle and surrounding communities.

Information for mentees:

A mentee should:

  • Be proactive
  • Be available
  • Show appreciation
  • Respond to mentor’s communication
  • Develop short-term and long-term goals
  • Follow through on commitments

Information for mentors:

A mentor’s role is to:

  • Guide, support, and facilitate professional development
  • Listen to mentee’s
  • Share resources and skill building tactics working toward student success
  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Mentoring Resources for Faculty

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Please contact Holly Letourneau for more information.